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My name is Felicity but I'm also known as Bliss. I got my nickname because 'Felicity' means 'happiness' and 'Bliss' means 'extreme happiness'. I think that 'Blissful' is a perfect 'hook' for this website.

I'm married to Paul (aka The MOTH) & am mother to Miranda (The Princesse Royale who is the mother of Felix, my only grandchild), David (The Crown Prince), Diana (The Living Doll) and Gabriella (The Cadet Princess) all born from a previous marriage. The kids have grown and have all left home at least once, but we see a lot of them and remain a very important part of life despite living a long way away.

Paul & I have two Labrador teens named Lucy & Harry. They keep us fit & active with daily walks in the park and other such adventures around our neighbourhood, and swims in our garden pool. Our cat, Gypsy, looks on in mild amusement at our activities, often precariously leaning too far towards the water's edge...

According to a 'high performance' consultant's website I once visited, one of the definitions of a 'passion' is 'a strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.' I was like that about teaching. I'd be out of bed well before dawn and heading off to be at my desk at school by 7am to prepare for the working day. I'd still be at school until late afternoon doing all the things that are required of high school teachers. In hindsight, my enthusiasm was a bit over-the-top, though now and again I still have working weeks like that.

Fortunately, things change. Life evolves and other opportunities come along. Right now, I'm more passionate about spending time with my husband and family (when I get the chance). Paul and I moved from Brisbane, Queensland, clear across Australia in September 2011 and now live in Perth, Western Australia. We are here for about 15 months so are playing host to family and friends who visit.

On the sidebar you will see a few links. Go exploring! Now that I have the time, I'm creating a series of WebPages related to these passions. Each link blogs something quite different.

Start with Daily Bliss. This is my online journal. It tells you about the comings and goings of life. It also links to other sites of general interest, including other people's blog sites.

Blissful Creations shows you all my cross stitch works in progress (WIPs), all the 'stash' that is part of the enthusiasm of cross stitch and the house and garden renovating delights as they happen. There are also cool links to other people's work.

I'm hoping to add a recipe blog in the near future.

Blissful Explorations!